Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hey people! Comrade_Snowball here, it's spring and you know what that means! The imminent launch of a new season of the hottest reality show on television!

No, not some shitty Finch-tastic gameshow. :P Survival of the Fittest of course!

Now most of you probably know me from the Official Fan Forums, or an occasional guest commentator on MarWIN's weekly SotF:TV Podcast. I've decided to branch out from that, bring a few buddies along for the ride and start my own blog, Survival of the Snarkiest! We've got a truly awesome lineup of guest bloggers and well known names in the SotF Fan Community, and with the new Season of TV fast approaching with a truly epic-level twist attached, I'll need all the help I can get to document the action!

Now, you should all know by now the "big twist" the SotF Producers have been hyping. The introduction of teams, adding a whole new dimension to the game! We'll have a lot of information on the contestants this season, predictions, leaks of team info, all that good stuff! We're dedicated to getting the information to you first!

All throughout the game, expect regular updates here from a wide cast of SotF Bloggers, telling us their thoughts on favorites, must-see moments and more!

- Till next time, Comrade_Snowball


  1. Ajax-Kun reporting for duty, all the way from Canadia :P

    Who else is gonna be writing stuff up?

  2. Hey Ajax! You'd be rather surprised, we've attracted quite a bit of collaborators already!

    MadMax has agreed to do a Team Analysis right off the bat, and I've been in contact with other big name SotF Blog Writers.

  3. It is good to see a more concentrated bastion of analysis and commentary this season. Perhaps we can all learn something from the team aspect of the show, and band together in our response as well, to avoid any redundancies and truly shine the light of rigorous analysis on this entertainment medium.

  4. Oh shit!

    There's actually people who like this show that can mimic intellect? Hilarious! While you twits will be fapping to mass murder I'll be trying to get this taken off the air with the other few good people left in the country.

  5. I find it absolutely befuddling that someone can both feign superiority and accuse me of "mimicking intellect" and, in the same paragraph, devolve into ad hominem attacks and use the term "fapping".

  6. Ah! Looks like we've attracted our first "activist"! We've hit the big time now.

    Listen Sonya, I'm all for freedom of speech, so we'll tolerate your comments for now. But don't think you're about to convince anyone with your "Greater Than Thou" behavior. SotF TV is the most popular show on television, and we're not going anywhere!