Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grey Team Analysis by Ajax-Kun

Hello Internet! It’s Ajax-kun here, giving y’all my opinions on the next season of SOTF-TV. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to grab many details, having been in the Nordics ‘til like a few hours ago. Fortunately, our good friend MarWIN leaked the docs out for Grey Team early, so I looked over them whilst I was out there.

Ah, speaking of teams…

The Team Mechanic

I am cautiously in favour of this shake up. I’ll hold off judgement until I either see it in action, or learn more about it, but this is definitely a great idea. It stops people blowing themselves to shit whilst they get to grips with there weapons. I admit, it has got to be the funniest thing to see, some guy holding some lit dynamite and then *BOOM* No more dumbass! But hey, it got old around Season 3.

Speaking of things getting old (Seamless segue there :P) I can see that this is an attempt to break the pattern of stagnation that is rife in the entertainment business ATM (I.e Mr. Finches Game show), so props for them on that!

The Grey Team

The Mentor

This teams mentor is none other than MarWIN. Yes, that mad guy that posts stats into the blogosphere. Gotta love the cahones on the crew to take a risk on that guy, for all they know, he could run the team into the ground for the lulz.

Doubt he will though. The guy seems to be taking this pretty damn seriously, which bodes well for the team. My only major worry is that he’ll be to busy stroking his ego on the blogs to keep an eye on his team. No offence.

The Students

Normally, I’d go indepth here, but anyone who gives a damn has already torrented those bios and had a good read, so, in lieu of my normal over view/snarky bio commenting, I’m gonna throw out some predictions.

Robby Goldman: Big, Jocky, a little sexist? Reminding you of anyone? Think back to the first season. He’ll carry the team to the midway point, but then he’ll piss of the wrong chick and go out in flames. I’ve got him pegged as a hero, but we all know how good a judge of character I am

Gonna be a good watch, mark my words!

Terrilynn Boden: Feisty little gal, plenty of strength and plenty of guts! If she gets her hands on a gun, she’ll be a sure fire player! I expect to see her in the endgame, or atleast get close. My only worry is that she does something stupid and gets shot in the face.

Another great watch here! It may sound a tad assholish, but I hope this girl snaps!

Devonte Washington: Hmmmmm, not so sure about this one. He will definitely not mesh well with his mentor, and his draw is rather disappointing. I’ll give him a good chance of getting to midway, but unless he learns to play smart, he’ll be another notch on the belt for a player.

Good bet for some drama. I see some potential for sexual violence in there, but its dim. He’ll be out by midway.

Michael Marshall: Aha! A fellow insomniac! I like this guy already! A creative mind will be rather useful, given the teams lack of a good draw, after all, who needs bullets when you can lay traps? My only trouble is his spacey attitude, which will likely make him not quite there during something important.

Right, time for an overly specific prediction! I’m gonna call him dying by falling into one of his own traps, just before the midway point.

Tristan Hart: Oh yay, a moral guardian. He’ll be the method by which some enterprising player gets there hands on a pistol, unless he throws it away in disgust. He is definitely the weak point in the team.

One of the first deaths. Mark. My. Words.


As y’all know, I’m a stickler for romance, so to all the SOTF fangirls out there; What’s the cutest, hottest or downright funniest to watch pairing in the bud here?

Hit me up in the comments!

So, yeah, Qui morituri te salutant


  1. I am just rofling at this. Kudos to the producer who thought of this, either MarWIN will be absolutely hilarious seeing his "master plan" fail (When do they EVER work in SoTF? Someone or something always messes it up...), or if he can actually get it to work the statophiles will just LOVE it and start throwing even more stats at everyone. Of course, knowing MarWIN, he'll probably show up in moments to tell me that I'm wrong and his plan is faultless and give a detailed analysis to back it up.

    ...but anyways, nice review of Grey Team, sorry for getting onto a tangent. Still, it's a shame you didn't fill it with numbers, Ajax, it only would have made sense if you were reviewing MarWIN's team :P

    (OOC: Deleted the other to fix an error.)

  2. Naah, I dont throw around stats. I just turn up, open my mouth, and hope something good falls out! I might use factoids and stats to illustrate points, but generally I just dont see the point.

    Its totaly not because I fail math or anything :P

    Anywhoosle, dont worry 'bout the tangents, they are what make blogging awesome!

    I'm not sure MarWIN even has acsess to the web. If he does, with the first hand acsess to data he's got...

    God help us all, he might crash Twitter!

  3. 'psh, MarWIN always has a plan for everything. I'm sure he has some supersecret internet link or something :P

  4. Gah, don't go playing the conspiracy mastermind angle on me, my paranoia will flare up!

    Also ZOMG JARED IS A MENTOR! Dude! The only way that could be better is if they brought on one of the Torturery guys to play as his mentor-ial foil!

    Oooh, on the subject of torture, do you reckon anyones gonna break into that fun level of crazy?

  5. My hopes are high! We've got a very big cast here, and looks like it's only a matter of time. Could even be some instant-snaps this game!

  6. I am sure we will see torture again, just like every other season. Really, it is somewhat old hat by now. I am far more interested in the team dynamics.

    I do believe that you may be somewhat off in your guesses with regards to Terrilynn. Aside from having a name that lends itself well to memes and jokes from the chans, I see nothing to indicate longevity. In fact, I predict she will be an early out. Throw a bulletproof vest at someone smart, and they use it as insurance. Throw it at yet another moronic scrapper, and they fail to understand how the thing works and that it does not make them invincible, and end up getting shot to death anyways. Think back to past seasons, people.

  7. Oh, hahahaha! I just realised the name memeabillity! Seriously, how did I miss Boden Terror?! God, I'm losing my edge.

    But, yeah, you could be right there. Bitch needs to rub her braincells together, but as one of the few here with fighting experience, she /will/ take down a few guys along the way.

    Also, every season, we see torture, sure. But every season it reaches a whole nother level of fucked up! Seriously, last season had /me/ hiding behind the sofa! And I can treat SAW as a comedy (A cult classic gorn film, check it out!)