Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purple Team Analysis by Comrade_Snowball

Hey folks, it’s Comrade_Snowball again! Back with another Team Analysis’, this time we’ll be checking out the Purple Team!

Every season there comes along a select few contestants, those lucky few with the skills and guts to hack it in wilds of SotF. Sometimes these clear frontrunners don’t do nearly as well as we hope. All the gun training and parkour skills in the world can’t save you when you’re bleeding from a gut shot, half a world away. Jared Clayton was not one of those people. He was by all accounts, an early out. But Jared had the one thing his competitors didn’t count on. Willpower.
While the rest of the mentors this year are “experts” Purple Team is truly blessed to have the only mentor with legit experience. Jared Clayton came out of nowhere to win in SotF, and more importantly, he came out of the ordeal sane. With that kind of credentials, it would be beyond stupid for anyone on the Purple Team to ignore his advice. Jared has the brains and first hand knowledge to take his team far, well past the half-mark, well into the finals!

Madelyn Connor
Traits: Athletic, Anger-Issues, White Knight Syndrome, Inattentive
Weapon: Glow Sticks
Madelyn Connor has what it takes to be a true contender, if it weren’t for a few nagging details. As we all know, trust is one of the weakest traits to have in SotF. Madelyn not only has trust in spades, but she has the unfortunate “White Knight Syndrome” as well. With a poor weapon draw, I can picture her jumping into harms way early on, and getting shot well before Purple Team’s mentor can set her on the right track. Even if Jared somehow manages to rein her in, Madelyn is far too dull-witted to last. Expect her to die via trap or by her own stupidity before half. Sorry Jared, just can’t save them all.

Amber Lyons
Traits: Whore, Cunning, Bisexual, Beautiful, Weak
Weapon: Short Spear
Now this is someone Jared can put to good use! Amber is the ideal player during the opening stages of the game. She’s one to quicken the pulse, and that can definitely be used to her team’s advantage. As often as we see the age old “Black Widow” Gambit, it never fails to work. If she’s not afraid to loosen a few bra-straps, she’ll make a kill or two easy before having to revise her plan of attack. And if Amber manages to get her hands on a gun she could make it to the end under Jared’s guidance, cackling all the way off the Island.

Karen Ruiz
Traits: Loner, Cautious
Weapon: Glock
Not much to say about Karen. She appears to be a wild card! It’s impossible to say what way she’ll swing; she’s either a player or early game victim. Whatever way she goes, expect a lot of contestants going “Huh? Who’s Karen?” I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict mid game death, her gun passed on to a more useful team member.

Cesar Perdomo
Traits: Stoner, “One of Us”, Tall, Gun Experience, Follower, Friendly
Weapon: Febreeze
Poor Cesar! One of the few with actual gun experience, and he’s drawn a can of Febreeze. Best hope you run into Karen early on Cesar. Actually, your team better hope you have the guts to actually open fire! All the experience in the world can’t help you if you can’t bring yourself to end a life. I’m sure Jared knows that first hand, after his clash with Mike Martelli during his own SotF run. If anyone can bring Cesar around, it’s Purple Team’s Mentor though. If Jared succeeds, I think we can expect a somewhat guilty Cesar slinking his way into end game.

Sterling Odair
Traits: Athletic, Popular, Bisexual, Depressed, Anxiety Problems
Weapon: Hatchet
Well, in any other case I’d say Purple Team has found their on0site leader! Of course, Sterling has some issues to work out. Rather sad to see, the kid would make an excellent commander, for those willing to listen. A lot of “ifs” involved with Sterling. IF he can keep from cracking, IF he can link up with his team, IF Jared can give him good enough instructions… I can see Sterling making it to end game, but I can just as easily see him getting knocked off halfway through.

Jared has some work to do. His team isn’t the most heavily armed, and there will definitely be problems convincing certain members to play by his rules. Still, that doesn’t rule Purple Team out. Some of the most stacked teams have been given terrible mentors, and Jared is sure to give them a perspective unlike any other. Madelyn is as good as gone but Amber and Cesar are practically guaranteed a spot in the finals. I wonder if any of the others will be joining? Don’t rule out Purple Team. They might not have brute force, but they’ll soon have the one thing the other teams don’t. Willpower.


  1. Nice analysis here Snow, though I'm gonna have to disagree on your conclusion with Mad. If she finds someone worth protecting (Like that Zach ass-burger kid), she'll tear shit up to keep them alive. Bitch has some potential as a player extraoirdinare!

  2. If anyone can make something of this team, it will be Jared. The biggest worry is that they will die before he is able to provide assistance. So far, they seem to have done decently for themselves, though.