Monday, April 18, 2011

Gold Team Analysis by Ajax-Kun

Hello once more, readers! It’s the ever excitable Ajax-Kun here, trying to make up for my lack of quality with quantity!

So, what wonderful team am I going to be looking over? Well, I’m going to be looking at a golden opportunity for many exciting moments, and I’d like to give a gold star to whoever put this team together!

Yup, I’ll be taking a look at the Gold Team!

The Mentor;

The mentor for this team, is the “Gambler”, Drake Fortune. The few of you, who (Like me) decided to put a few bob down on the outcome of SOTF, that name might sound a little familiar. That’s because this guy pretty much made his livelihood off of a few lucky guesses, good judgement, and a healthy dose of charisma!

This guy even ran his own bookies at some point, so he obviously has decent organisational skills, which are going to be needed, given the rather… complex, shall we say, nature of the team..

On the upside, he is probably the only person on this team that isn’t going to be shipped to high hell! Unless someone decides that strip poker between the mentors is a great idea.

Crap, I just gave the fangirls ideas again, didn’t I?

In conclusion, he is, like so many other mentors, a joke. I cant see him actually helping, unless they let him be their eye in the sky. He’ll be too busy placing bets on the market to put his organisational skills to use, anyways.

The Team;

Mae St. Clair.

TL;DR: A Manipulative Ice queen, with a love for ballet, and not much else

Mae is, from what was written in the bio, a very cold, but very attractive person. Her dependence on her parents seems all consuming, and her ability to wrap people around her little finger (Read; manipulate) is almost omniscent! (Hey Sonya/Crawford, remind you of anyone?)

She has all the hallmarks of a smart player, and she is probably one of the fittest members of this round of SOTF so far. Her looks don’t do it for me, but judging by the Promo Material episode “Rescue Mission”, she does it for the vast majority of SDA.

Speaking of “Rescue Mission”, this girl is at the centre of what looks to be one of the most entertaining love triangles I’ve seen so far! This bodes even better for the girl, as she has two guys, who are likely to think with their dicks and get themselves killed for her. One of them isn’t even on the team!
I’m seeing a new face of Defrosting the Ice-Queen/Dom! Fics here, and definitely some Possession Sue fics. Hell, I wouldn’t rule the first two happening ingame, especially given her team-mates!

Expect to see her and her Katana in Endgame. The only question, is how much blood will she have on her hands by the end of it?

Todd Hudson.

TL;DR: A spoiled brat with stupid hair.

The first thing you notice when you see Mr. Hudson, is his ridiculous hairstyle. I mean seriously, if you extracted the petroleum in the gel from that, he could win by virtue of being able to essentialy coat the place in napalm!

He, as with many of the students of SDA, have probably never had to cook, let alone survive in the wild, so that tent might be of some help. To whoever kills him.

I expect to see him die in a horrible, horrible fashion, very, very early!

He is going to be in quite a few break the haughty fics, but there’s really no eye candy value to him, its all in the dickish personality.

Ali White.

TL;DR: Luna Lovegod, but an ex-ganger with a shotgun.

First of all, I gotta say that I love this girl! Seriously, she has got to be one of the most well picked students so far! She has a very airy, yet optimistic look on life, and manages to be an extrovert with what seems to be unlimited energy!

Her Otherkin-ish outlook on life is amazing, and I expect to see some fanworks of her with pointy ears and wings (And nothing else) very soon. If she can get some LSD (They /always/ put LSD in as a joke weapon), maybe she’ll try and jump off a cliff, screaming “I CAN FLY!” or something.

On second thoughts, keep that bitch away from the LSD, she’ll be a bigger bundle of fun without it. I’d prefer to see her snap and start blowing people away with a happy smile anyway.

Her body and style of dress aren’t major selling points here, but she’s not gonna be fanservicey, I just don’t see it in her.

Sorry piercing fetishists.

I can’t picture her in endgame, but she’ll be one of the few who are genuinely likely to snap and make a big bloody mess, so I’ll be keeping an eye on her Fae ass.

Shawn Morrison.

TL;DR: A Sexy hipster.

This guy is so awesome. Seriously, he rounds out the general level of crazy awesome that just runs through the group! He wears hippie clothes, smokes pot, and is just a really nice guy!

He is also, undeniably hot! I mean, he is Bang-able in the extreme! That might just be my love of retro guys, but hey, let me know what y’all think!

If I’m honest, his draw is sub-par, but even if he got a Razorwire Shotgun, he’d still be a crap player.

Why? I hear you ask. Well, he might be strong, but he is definitely not the kind of guy we see behind the gun. Even more so as veggie.

His desire to do the right thing (As shown, in an example that gives me hope for humanity, in “Rescue Mission”) will get him killed though, which sucks. I just hope he and his rescuee Mae provide us with some good fanservice along the way!

John Benson.

TL;DR: “One of us” with 1337 archery skillz

Traditionally they save the best ‘til last, but tonight gentleman, and (as paxRomana assures me) lesbians, something different!

We have, here, an anime fan (I think that’s just jap cartoons with tentacle rape, but IDK) who spends most of his time sitting on his lazy arse.

Grade A in his subjects

Grade A cannon fodder

The only thing that might come in handy here, is his knowledge of archery. Oh, wait, we didn’t get the bows out this time round? Too bad. Maybe he’ll hack someone up with that Axe. If he could lift it.

Don’t get too attached, this guy is dead within the first day.

Also, completely disregard what I said about Fortune being the least shippable bloke here. That title belongs to Johnny boy. He’ll take residence in R34 and not much else.


This team is going to be a good watch, with fanservice, players and drama galore. Book your tickets now!


  1. drake is not bad at alll!!!! love to have him gamble on me, ROFL! mentor strip poker is a great idea btw, totaly gonna write tht up + do a pic!!!!1!!11!1

  2. pic + fic is UPPPPP!!!111!!!! go to to see it!! i bet youll totally <3 it!1!11 xD

  3. ... I am apparently very compulsive in opening every link. Pass me a second dose of f***ing brain bleach please, and make it an overdose at that, I really need it. It's THAT MUCH WORSE.

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  5. Maybe if you didn't have to post a f***ing (in many more ways then one) picture and fanfic for EVERY SINGLE F***ING ANALYSIS!

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  8. fine, if u r gonna be tht way...

  9. I'm reminded of the producers and government, and don't even get me started on that straw man bitch that's Crawford.

  10. God, you know somethings wrong when I think a situations going out of hand. I mean, i'm an ex-troll from The Imageboard That Shall Not Be Named, for crying out loud!

    Sotf67, please, enough with the swearing. It doesn't make your point any better, and it just makes you sound like an A-hole. And a 13 Y/o A-hole at that. Keep the criticisms constructive unless you're looking at My Immortal 2, m'kay?

    Kawaii, whilst I am a huge fan of everything fangirly, smutty, and downright wrong, this was supposed to be a SFW board. Make your own blog if you want, or get HollySparkler to feature you on her up coming blog.

  11. Straw-woman Crawford?

    You mean the girl that uses the exact same points as you, fights the same corner as you, and is as successful in changing the populace's opinion as you?

    Yup, you guys are totes different. You couldn't be any more different if you tried!

  12. You two should get a chatroom. It would spare the rest of us this inanity.

    The team itself looks pretty good, for a change. We will have to see if they have any sustain. If something rips them apart, I suspect it will be Mae; I just see nothing good coming of that girl. I doubt she will live to see endgame, as well. More likely, her death will kick off some variety of blood feud.

  13. @Ajax My honest apologies, I don't know what got into me. I occasionally go... a little berserk at times, some things just do that to me...

  14. OMG SHAWN MORRISON! At first I was totally all about Leopold but now I just don't know.

    OMG what if Shawn and Leo (as I call him) meet up and then they have to take their shirts off omg....

    I hate that Mae slut. I hope she dies.

  15. There is a very, very high probability that your wish will be granted in the coming days.