Friday, April 22, 2011

Promo Material #1

Hiya gentleman and lesbians! Its me, Ajax-Kun, rocking on up with another post!

I did promise Comrade_Snowball I’d do a quick analysis of Larry Loner, but screw that. I have managed to get full access to the Promo material for Detroit Central High. Thank you Pirate Bay!

I have decided against hogging the limelight (Read; I’m to lazy to write much) and have just chosen to focus on a few of what I though were the more interesting episodes of the Promo material. For those of you unfamiliar with what the Promo material is, it’s a pay-per-view stalker cam kind of deal, which allows you to glimpse into their lives. It’s pretty creepy, and pretty cool. Also, incredibly depressing, when you look out over the crowds of people and realise that they all have families and at most 5 are coming home.

The first of my highlights, has got to be “When Its Time To Party, We Will Party Hard!” It starts of pretty normally, with some crappy dance music and The guy with the unpronounceable surname (Skyler Thsani) chatting to Fireman wannabe (Bobby Goldman). Pretty standard fare.

Then, Amber shows. Cue a million jealous stares against Fireman wannabe as he gets an Amber hug. Then sexy dancing.

I love that girl, so fucking much.

Then, the host of (one of my favourite campy web-cam shows) turns up. Awesome jokey intro, awesome melodrama. So much awesome it sounds like the pitch to another crappy Michael Bay movie!

Then Wannabe fireman goes on a rant about how he totes can dance, using possibly the homophobiest of homophobic insults ever. It was kinda funny. And I’m Bi, so I should be offended!

Blah, blah, blah, fights, acting hard. Just like every (One) downtown party I’ve been to. *Yawn*. I’m sure theres some shipper fuel in there, but It’s 2 AM in the fraking morning. I’ll leave that to Kawaii and Holly (Wheres that Fanfic Holly, I want me some yaoi! I am disappoint.)

Come on, we all know I’m just stalling ‘till the lesbian scene.

I just… Have no words to describe… Just…

Uuugggghhhh. HAWT. SO. HAWT.

I have no snark for this. I just have a desire to watch it on loop for a few hours.


Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be doing shit other than masturbating furiously. Right…

Onwards to the ad’awwwable “Beat the Lunch Line”. It is also a fairly unassuming concept, with a group just getting together at lunch and having a nice friendly chat. There’s a lot of Karen wanting everyone to GTFO at the beginning, but she screws off at some point, leaving the more friendly people to converse. Luna Lovegood (Alicia White) turns up too, so that’s awesome. Of course she cries about her rather depressing life, but then she decides to get into a rather cute romance.

I love me a good bit of romance, as y’all know, so I put this forward as my Mushy Stuff of the Week.

Right, as always, I love to know what you guys think about this stuff, so chuck up a few comments!

Also, to the guy that linked me to the torrent with these on, I love you!

Also, I hate you. Seroiusly, I need sleep. Its 2 Am. And I’m still on my computer.

Now, if youll excuse me, I’m gonna pass out

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  1. It is not particularly hard to imagine where this footage comes from, given that Detroit is probably totally full of security cameras, especially in a high-crime school. Calling this "stalkercam" is maybe a bit over the top.

    That said, this is the sort of thing that really gives the protesters fodder. I do wish this would stop getting out.