Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Fan Favorites

We've all seen the polls before, "Who's the first out", "Who's going to win it all", the standard stuff that's brought up every SotF Season. And baring a few notable cases, we've had clear frontrunner's, day in and day out. It might not always come true (Which is the beauty of SotF), but at least the fan base can decide on something.

Not this time around! With the introduction of teams, all the odds-makers in Vegas are scrambling to rework their system, and it looks like the fan base is equally divided!

And at the end of the day, Red Team, Yellow Team, Purple Team and Team 13 are locked in a four-way tie for first, in the first ever Survival of the Snarkiest "Front Runner Poll".

Every team is (still) at full strength, and it's hard to tell who'll come out on top. All of these teams have had a strong start (Especially Purple and Red, Karen Ruiz and Marvia Jones looking extremely proactive out there.)

While we can't tell the winner just yet, the stragglers are becoming apparent. Grey Team garnered zero votes, sitting in dead last. Can't really blame that choice, with the loss of their sole weapon, they're looking very shaky. Also near the bottom of the poll was the Blue Team. I'm going to have to dispute this slightly, while Joshua Doyle and Anna Higgins have shown their red shirts, Jasz and Axel have proven to be quite useful thus far. Lou Becker seems to be AWOL at the moment, judging from lack of footage. Would two team members be enough to carry Blue Team to the finals though? Unless we see a change of course, it's looking grim for them.

Can they turn it around? We'll just have to watch and see!


1) Red Team
1) Purple Team
1) Team 13
1) Yellow Team
2) Pink Team
3) Green Team
3) Brown Team
4) Orange Team
4) White Team
4) Black Team
4) Gold Team
5) Blue Team
6) Grey Team

N/A Loner Boy - (Not Polled;Survival Percentage currently hovering around 1.5%)


  1. Interesting poll results so far. I suspect that Team 13 only rated as highly as it did on the hype factor, and Brown Team seems to be a fluke or joke vote. Red Team is alright, though I still maintain that Marvia is more of a liability than an asset. She stole a bandanna bit not the rifle? Now she can get shot by the people she should be working with. More than that, explaining having two bandannas will be difficult, so switching apparent teams when convenient may not work out for her. She also passed up an easy kill. I doubt she will see the halfway mark.

  2. OMG where's the GOLD TEAM? I wanted to vote for my Shaaaaaawn

  3. Well, Mister Queens English, you seem to forget that these competitors are kids. They need to mature, or just be all angsty about the situation first. I'd be pretty worried about the mental stabillity of our population if they all just went around, guns ablazing.

    Anyways, the results are rather interesting. Hopefully someone with a longer attention span (And several notches up the maturity-o-meter) will be able to make a graph or something and win a couple of grand on the strip, or something.

  4. @HollySparkles

    Woops, minor error. Gold Team was hovering near the middle of the pack, tied up with Orange, White and Black.

  5. Ajax: I believe that we should be worried enough as is. Marvia is clearly incredibly unstable. She is nuts enough to satiate her sadistic sexual desires on live television. She is cruel enough to leave a stranger with only a fanservice outfit to wear.

    Yet she lacks the foresight to remove a weapon from a competitor? A competitor who she just abused, sexually assaulted, and robbed? No, Marvia is another one of those people who disassociate by slipping into "game mode". The problem is, if you are playing for fun, you are not playing to win or to live. You make stupid mistakes and then, inevitably, you die. So many early game contenders try to be creative and clever with their kills. This is part of why we do not have any deaths yet, I think.