Friday, April 22, 2011

The Loner: Analysis by SickKitty

This just in, there's a loner lurking about! That's right, now that all the teams have been leaked, there appears to be one little speck of nothing floating around on TV completely alone.

His name is JACK LEMMON, his weapon is an S&W, he hates guns, and he has ADD. Usually I'd say being teamless would be an advantage- I mean, you're not stuck to kids you hate, there's no stupid mentor to answer too, there's nobody to have obnoxious, adorable sexual tension with- it should be easy sailing! That is, it should be easy sailing if you were someone halfway competent, which this loser really isn't. They put the ONE kid with ADD on a team all by himself, which means there's no one around to tell him to focus. Either he'll slide under the radar so much that he wins by default, or he'll be dead first, but either way I don't care. He's not even that attractive! Lame! Why even put this kid in the competition if they were just gonna screw him over? Does anyone else smell something fishy? No, because no one gives a flying fuck about this kid. Next!

Team Position...or...uh...Self...Position?: The Alone and Royally Boned.


  1. While I pretty much agree that the loner is totally fucked, I think that has relatively little to do with the ADD. Rather, I think going it alone when everyone else has a squad of potential allies is a bad way to do things. Who will make sure no one kills him in his sleep? Who will watch his back? Nobody, unless he can make some quick alliances.

    Luckily for him, from what I have seen so far, it looks like he has found a friend. If he sticks with her, he just may have a chance of living a little while longer, though I doubt he will see the halfway point.

  2. I hope he and that traitorous bitch die horribl...err I mean yeah good luck he really needs it ally or not...