Friday, April 22, 2011

Comrade_Snowball's Game Recap #1 Stray Observations

Stray Observations

Idiotic players weren’t the only thing I noticed. Take a look at some of the other things that’ve caught my attention!

- Marvia Jones and Natalie Chauncey – you knew I was bound to mention this scene; it’s one for the highlight reel. Sex scenes are always common, but sex on ecstasy? Marvia propelled her popularity into the stratosphere with that choice. She’s unleashed a torrent of fanfics, pairing her with everyone from Jared Clayton to Alicia White! I’m quite sure no one expected the ending to that. Natalie won’t die from not wearing a bandanna, but she’s definitely going to have some problems linking with her team, what with Marvia now impersonating her. Marvia, definitely a late-gamer and one to watch.

- As I’ve noted before, the weaker teams are clearly becoming visible. Black Team and Grey Team have had several early game bumps, and Green Team still has that mentor handicap to get over.

- Bobby Goldman and Axel Stadler have proven to be quite brilliant strategists, displaying a knack for creative thinking when it comes to scavenging for supplies and making due with what they have. I expect a real fight from them.

- Sidney Rice, Timothy Walker and Karen Ruiz have established themselves as early game players. Not sure what exactly Jonas Jeffries plan is, (his actions are a little too bizarre and I can’t peg him down as a villain or not) but it is fairly obvious from Sidney’s behaviour she was looking for a kill on Joshua Doyle. I didn’t expect Karen Ruiz to swing toward murder quite so fast, if at all. Definitely a bonus to the Purple Team, one I did not count on initially.

- Timothy Walker is proving to be an absolute joy to watch, and a natural on camera. So many students forget the cameras’ are there, but following him it seems like everything is one big joke, and the viewer is the only one in on it. Aside from him of course. Pure gold, that kid.

- I was pleased to see some students actually showing an appreciation for their costumes. Mae St. Clair in full Kimono was a sight for the ages, (as was her stripping shortly after) and Sidney and Panya Bishara look to have no intention of ditching their respective costumes.

- Alicia White has proven to be quite the spacey one, nearly getting her head blown off after forgetting to affix her bandanna. Really? Liability if I ever saw one.

- Some students have been noticeably absent so far. Lost in the jungle perhaps?

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned to Survival of the Snarkiest for more coverage!


  1. I am quite surprised at the actual use of the fanservice costumes. Every season, people wear the things, and I still do not understand why. It seems so bizarre. There is no tactical advantage, and it seems strange for them to care about the interests of the viewers.

    That aside, we have interesting fashion choices among the contestants themselves. Some of them certainly know how to cut interesting figures. Others less so, of course.

  2. I'm not so sure about the Ruiz kid being a bonus to the Purple Team. The Grayson kid had a purple bandanna on at the time she started shooting at all of em. I've got money down that she's gonna end up offing her own teammates on accident, if she isn't doing it on purpose already.

    And fanservice? Bah. People placing too much emphasis on being on TV. It'll keep the ratings up for a while, but that'll be all it's good for.

  3. That is an interesting observation in regards to the bandanna. Then again, it seems that Grayson has had fairly abysmal luck with every attempt at disguise so far. A little more foresight would probably do him a lot of good, though I am not sure he will have the time to learn that lesson before someone catches up with him.