Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 5]


There is a very long, but still exciting footage, spread out into several episodes already in a saga like form, entitled "Time to Pretend" that we'll break down in a later blog. There's just too much to say about that right now. Basically Gold Team is using the location of one merchandise shack on the beach as a base of operations, sending members of the team and other allies out on 'quests' with others staying in 'the castle' to keep watch. Recently they've been infiltrated by an attacking Panya Bishara, but with the help of Michael Clark, Gold's Alicia White and Mae St. Clair fought back.

Another Segment "We are the Dead" Showed Odile Jones brutally murder both Holly Herchenroder and Jack Lemmon. It was a particularly graphic and disturbing scene, with Odile looking like she was putting on a show for the viewers and enjoying every minute of it. She even stomped on the girl viciously at one point and the disposing of the bodies - wow.

Then there was also "Finders Keepers" where Vincent Sullivan clobbered fail contestant Glen Bole, taking his walkie talkies and then forming an alliance with Orange team mate, Tiffany Dexter. Tiffany plans to organize their team into an army and take down all opponents. That would have been interesting to see, too bad it was short lived.

Star of the Scene: Odile Jones gets the prize again. That was a bloody fantastic show. I also MUST give credit to fairy girl, Alicia White for making "Time to Pretend" seem like an epic fantasy world story. Fairies? Elves? Ogres? Healers? and my favorite... Sluagh. Her jargon is quite amusing!


Let's see Sean Davidson gets beaten up by Bobby Goldman, which was humorous and then Ferric Tam gets abandoned by his team mate Brennan, which was also quite humorous. Ferric's rant as Brennan walking off was also some great comic relief, what with the 'wah wah wah' sound effect they added in!

Currently "Foreshadowing/Hindsights" is the the episode located there. Jacob Langston, Madelyn Conner and Mikaela Warner are looking for runaway Marion Clayton, but give up on their search. They seemingly make plans for escape. I'm not sure if they can pull it off, but escapes are always exciting.

Star of the Scene: Not much has happened yet, so we'll hold off on this for now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 4]


The large group of April Stone, Jhamel Thompson, Jeanette Buendia, Eloise Winterburn and Brenda Hernandez settle on another beach. Jhamel breaks down upset which leads to an awkward group hug. He starts shooting to protect the group after Zachariah Johnston throws a wrench at his head. This momentarily scares the group, April Stone is particularly effected and wanders off the next day. Poor girl.

Star of the Scene: I'm really starting to love Jhamel Thompson. It seems underneath that gang persona the kid has a heart, but is still tough enough to protect the group he's in and shoot.


Well there was a sex scene which got interupted by Jared Clayton which was quite funny. Then someone dies, but Nery will talk about that later. It seems like Zachariah Johnson is everywhere as here he is again watching Amber Lyons swim naked. Then he follows her and Sterling Odair somewhere. This is truly setting up something or the editors wouldn't all of a sudden cut from naked swimming Amber with the majestic music to Zach hiding nearby and watching with creepy music playing.

After they left Vincent Sullivan showed up and read a book? Not sure what will happen with that.

Star of the Scene: Amber Lyons for being an inexplicable yet accidental camera whore! Sex scene, topless fighting, then naked swimming. Yesh. One for the guys I guess.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 3]


The scene that happened here was "Chain of Sorrow" where Orange Team's Tiffany Dexter and Vincent Sullivan face off against Karen Ruiz. Tiffany and Vincent use team work to their advantage until a stupid mistake. Needless to say Karen continues on with more tools at her dispense.

Star of the Scene: Our favorite Killer Karen Ruiz earns this by escaping victorious and stopping the momentum of what looked to be a huge threat on the island. Now that she put an end to that, Karen has cemented herself as THE threat.


The Segment played here is "Just Pay Separate Processing and Handling" where Skyler Thsani is resting and is ambushed by Daniel Renard, who fails at it. Daniel keeps trying though and 'sucker punches' Skyler to set up another ambush. We'll see if the second ambush will work this time.

Star of the Scene: Daniel Renard hams it up and is being purposely annoying to piss Skye off so he can steal that Crossbow. The boy has some guts to attack an armed opponent, when he doesn't even have a weapon of his own. Let's see if he can pull it off.

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 2]


A lot happened here... Let's see where we should start. Devonte, Marcus and Skye have some nice buddy time here. Cute almost.

Several fights. Vincent Sullivan vs Madelyn Conner, where they bruised each other pretty bad, but Vincent gained a paddle from it. Marvia Jones vs a personal favorite in Karen Ruiz, where Karen gained more fire power and finally Zachariah Johnston vs Marion Clayton where Marion gained a melted face. I still shudder from that one.

Currently a group made of mostly Green team and Sidney Rice are slumbering in the episode "Shun the Non-Believer." It's only a matter of time before something horrible happens there! Otherwise why would the producers title it like that? I'm sure of it.

Also currently ongoing are meetings between Michael Marshall and cute Nate Chauncy and another involving Marcus Walker and two of blue! Anna Higgins and Axel Stadler.

Star of the Scene: Anna Higgins. "Marky Mark!" Hahaha, the delivery of that line was great.


The ongoing episode is "Metanoia" where the sexy - I mean, dirty hippie, Shawn Morrison and his fellow wing man Ben-o Grayson (love it!) start searching for people and useful stuff in the Hotel. Ben is still pretending to be Gold with Shawn, while Shawn seems upset about something from the announcements. His friend died or something? Anyway he remedies this by - how else? Smoking Pot of course! In typical Shawn fashion, when his mentor Drake starts giving him advice Shawn freaks out and thinks a snake it talking to him. Love the humorous music they played softly in the background for that part.

Then something -shocking- happens, but that would be spoiling what Nery will cover in the Contestant Spotlight. We'll have to wait and see what happens to the duo of sexy hipster Shawn and the adorable Ben-O, thanks to that cliff hanger they gave us.

Star of the Scene: I'd like to give both members of this duo the spotlight, but Shawn Morrison getting high and doing *something else* earns him the credit here.

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN

Hello SOTF-TV fandom! It's been a while since we've blogged and I thought we'd bring you up to speed in case you missed a few things! I'll go through each location and recap the latest happens per location, per episode. This will be a non death recap, as the lovely, Nery will be handling those in the Quickfire Contestant Spotlights. So let's get it started right?


The ongoing episode is entitled "Peers" nice pun there. It starts with Cesar, Bobby and Brennan after leaving behind orange team mate Ferric Tam (what ever happened to that guy?) They form a new group together supposedly and want to go looking for a few of their friends. The Cruise Ship is a danger zone so as expected traffic happens at that pier. Michael Clark and Simon Porter show up, with Michael leaving right away. The announcements happen and Cesar is shocked to hear his little girl friend killed somebody! Then he masturbates for some reason, which I thought was funny, but Nery skipped past that part with our TiVo.

Anyway Odile, Cesar's girlfriend, shows up soon enough and starts pulling bull crap about being attacked. They are quick to believe, except Bobby whose Mentor -MarWIN himself- subtitled through the screen (neat how we the viewers can actually hear the audio clear on our TV's... then again it's MarWIN's voice) told him not to trust her. So he pulls a clever trick to harmlessly disarm Odile, by suggesting she give it to Cesar. It worked. Currently Brennan and Bobby are planning on abandoning the rest of the group. Good choice!

Star of the Scene: Odile Jones, the entertainer that she is. The mysterious entrance with the ominous music, then the cut to her acting scared and playing to the boys' emotions had me screaming "She's a manipulator you fools!"


Two Episodes were shown concurrently: "The King in Yellow" and "I Came to Play" well nothing much happened here. Just a bunch of teens making plans. I loved the effect that the editors used to show what happened BEFORE they got there. Then the realization as soon as the Announcements hit. Nery will talk about what happened in the contestant spotlights.

Star of the Scene: Bob Lazenby. Stay tuned for the contestant spotlight.