Friday, April 22, 2011

Comrade_Snowball's Game Recap #1 PART 2

A lot of friends and lovers have been broken up over the years in SotF, but this is the first season where it isn’t technically the end. The “10 Kills” dynamic is back; sure it involves getting your hands soaked in blood, but now more than ever our players have options. Anyone could beat the odds; kill ten and a free ticket home, regardless of who is left in the game. Could Jack be taking that option, hoping Holly and the Black Team join him? He’s a pacifist, but we all know that means nothing on SotF: TV. It’s possible to assume a lot of these early game players are going for the 10 Kills.

With the mention of Holly, another important topic has just come to mind; team desertion. Yes, only one color will survive to the finale, but behind the bandannas are friends, and potentially allies. Every game without fail we seem players making alliances, some temporary, and some right up until the final bullet, even though there can be only one survivor. I’ll be blunt; those bandannas mean shit to the players at present. Alliances are still being formed based on friendships, and that won’t stop. Brenda Hernandez has managed to create a shaky alliance between members of the Brown, Red and Gold team, with minimal shouting and minimal paranoia. (Although John Benson has potentially spoiled Gold Teams chances with this alliance, given his recent actions.) Elsewhere Madelyn Connor and Mikaela Warner have done the same, the sole reasoning being THEY KNOW EACH OTHER. This isn’t a game breaker; the teams will eventually come into play, especially later on as alliances fall apart. At the moment teams are scattered and for the most part unknown. Some players are instantly buying into the team dynamic, but two schools are competing, remember that. Madelyn and Mikaela’s reasoning makes a whole lot more sense when you consider that half the kids out there come from Detroit, complete unknowns to them. A shaky alliance, yes. But understandable. I know if I was in SotF, I’d want a friend at my back, even if one of us were ultimately going down in the end. Trust is a big thing in SotF, and the divide behind the schools has kept many players searching for friends first, over team-mates.

Will all these school alliances stand strong as the game continues? We can’t be sure. The idea of four other people who are depending on you and your cooperation is one that is sure to weigh heavy on Holly’s shoulders, even now as she ditches her fellow Black Team members. For the moment however, they’ll have to live with the handicap. In a similar vein is Tristan Hart, sure to make the rest of his team’s blood boil before too long. Unbeknownst to him, Grey Team had a single gun, now currently residing at the bottom of the tar pits. How will they take it, when they find out Tristan has thrown away their best chance at survival? Tristan may not have deserted his team, but he might as well have. These handicaps could prove to be game changing, and have thrown Black Team and Grey Team to the back of the pack for now. I can’t help but wonder how will the mentors react, their team members making alliances with friends over team-mates?

It’s still a little too early to say. I’m sure all the mentors are watching their teams’ actions carefully, and have been preparing for every situation. Now, I’ve been lurking the boards and hearing that many people are dissatisfied with the slow start. Sure, it may appear that way at first glance. But if you stop a moment to look a little deeper, you’ll see what a treat we’re in for. Expect big payoffs in the days to come.


  1. You also should include that both of Madelyn's and Mikaela's teams are mostly from Detroit with will make it harder for them (especially Madelyn's boyfriend Jake being on a different team)

    Also, I'm sick of being an activist. Imma fireman now!


  2. I totally see Harold snapping soon if he survives current events of course

  3. Okay, who hacked Sonyas account? Or gave her the money to have that stick surgically removed from her ass?

    Anyway; I am totally seeing a pattern with the friendship alliances holding til like day 3, after which the paranoia sets in. I love that psychological horror!

  4. I imagine that teams will come into play less in the form of alliances, and more in early-game ceasefires. Sure, at the end, they'll group up, but for now, teammates are people who you have absolutely no reason to kill (and a great many reasons to allow to live). I imagine this will slow the early kills a bit. We have already seen some evidence of that, in fact.

    Also, to David, I somehow doubt that the army idea is going to work too well. After all, getting that many people together is near impossible in the first place, and will just lead to infighting if it does work out.

  5. Thats the fun of it will be doomed to fail and we get to watch him die!