Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Game of Cunning

Title is a bit of a misnomer here, there are countless advantages one can have in Survival of the Fittest, countless combinations. No one thing is going to propel you above the rest, a simple mistake can mean lights out. It's part of the joy in watching the game, knowing that no matter how much planning our contestants go through, one little slip could change the game landscape dramatically.

Still, doesn't hurt to have an edge, does it?

Our latest poll was about game advantages, what you'd like to have if you were pushed into the game. It had some interesting results, to say the least. Results were:

1) Cunning - 32%
2) Good Draw - 26%
3) Staying Power - 17%
4) Sex Appeal - 11%
5) Speed - 5%
6) Strength - 2%s
6) Popularity - 2%

VERY interesting to see Strength tying for last in this poll. You'd think strength to be one of the (heh, pun) strongest advantages one could have. Not so. Bruisers have gone down fast, be it from a terrible draw or another students trickery.

Who can forget SotF TV Season 3 when favorite to win Frank Bramble was the second to be eliminated? Frank was just the first victim of future winner Travis "Bug" Hood, who used a handful of stolen C4s and his given weapon, a blackjack, to net himself SEVEN kills and a trip home. Ironically, Bug was predicted as one of the first outs not just by the SotF fanbase, but by the players themselves. His ruthless turn to power player came completely unexpected, allowing him to get the jump on many of his fellow classmates. Just one example of brains triumphing over brawn.

With that being said, it's a little easier to see just why exactly 32% went with Cunning as their choice advantage. Until next time, thanks everyone for taking part in this week's poll!

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  1. Cunning is indisputably the best advantage, and seems to be one in awfully short supply this time around. I am, however, shocked at the idea that a good draw is a good advantage. Sure, it is a nice boost, but it no way even hints at probable success, as Isaac so recently proved.