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Contestant Spotlight: Anthony Rollins by RNN

Contestant Spot-Light: Anthony Rollins

Hello snarky readers and SOTF-TV Fans! It's us again, RNN: Rebecca and my lovah-boy Nery. Well not really, just me (Rebecca) today. Sorry for not getting into the blogging party earlier, but better late than never right? I finally had a chance to watch the entirety of SOTF-TV so far and I must say: I'm Loving it!

So what I'm gonna be doing, is this thing called "The Contestant Spot-Light." Where we examine each SOTF-TV teenager in-depth of the current season, and what better way than to start with our first dead contestant!? That's right today's spot light is on Anthony Rollins!

Anthony Rollins (Pink Team)
*The black dude who dies first.*

Episode Segments he was in:
Started: Open Plains "Establishing Shot"
Died: The Forest "Friendly Fire"

Being the first eliminated, Anthony's journey was a very short one, but the kid was pretty fun to watch. If there's something I always enjoy seeing as a viewer, that contestants do, it's when they talk to the cameras. Anthony being a camera guy himself, according to his website profile, typically did this in spades. He even gave us a small close up of his not so small claymore sword. Would have been pretty neat to see the thing in action.

Speaking of small, for an African American, Anthony was pretty short, especially when with those two tall jock looking boys Sterling and Bobby. I feel pretty sorry for Anthony. You could legitimately see the timidness and minor jealousy in his face as eye candy Amber, went to the two eye candy boys and gave them hugs and kisses. Oh the things I've read about rabid fan girls wanting Anthony gone, so the three "pretty people" could have some sort of weird three-way.

I'm glad I'm not like that! I don't just watch for "the hot guys" because well, aside from being practically married to Nery; most of these typical, clean cut jock type "hot guys" just don't do it for me, nor do I watch the show actively looking for them. In fact I said this before, but I'm the type of chick who enjoys when the hot guys die, just so the annoying fan girls STFU, already. If I wanted to see hot guys I'd "read" a playgirl magazine or something. (Erhem.. back to Anthony.)

Poor Anthony. I wanted to just give him a hug of my own, after he both figuratively and literally got overshadowed by the taller, stronger and more conventionally attractive guys. Poor boy gets no love, and I was outwardly rooting on him there. Lovable underdog that he was in many ways. And they gave him a gnome hat too. Which he actually wore! It was quite adorable.

Game Analysis: Anthony's game plan was sound. Find people he knew and stay with them, to hopefully keep himself safe. He teamed up with teenagers he was friendly with at school, in barbie girl, Amber Lyons, and Generic Eye Candy guy, Sterling Odair, and Bobby Goldman, who I think is a Jew. He was smart enough to keep his weapon for himself, when Bobby offered a trade with his crappy metal stick - thing. The two larger guys were good for support/strength to defend him. Also they could've made great meat shields due to their sizes compared to Anthony, for him to hide behind, so it was a good choice to stick with them. Amber his friend would have done her best to keep him alive as well. His one mistake however, adorable as it was, was to wear that gnome hat. He should have taken it off as soon as he could, when Karen started shooting, but he didn't, and we all know what happened there!

Death Look!
I didn't see it live, as I was at work, but the scene was very exciting even watching the replay. Karen Ruiz (one of my favs and pretty much the only likable baddie, so far - don't get me started on Harold and Marvia) saw the group of four and started shooting at them. They all hid in various spots. Anthony being small, hid easily behind one of the trees. Being the crafty sort, Karen threw a rock and caught Anthony's attention. His gnome hat, still on his head came into Karen's view, where it fell on the ground in front of him. Then Anthony followed his hat after moving slightly.

I love both Karen and Anthony, too bad one of them had to die. I really loved Anthony's last words. Even as he chokes on his own blood he still manages to talk to the camera! Of course he falls to the ground and dies, making him the first contestant eliminated, and proving once again, that the majority of the time, in any group: The black guy dies first.

Aftermath predictions: Anthony's death marked the first kill. Karen's rep is now high on the island - it's always that way for the first killers. Amber and her pretty boy will no doubt be affected by this in a big way, and we have yet to see what will happen with the Jew, Bobby... stupid to be continued captions. Anthony had relationships with many of the Detroit Students, so it would have a tremendous impact on them all. The announcements will take a hit on the Detroit students morale, undoubtly, leaving the Silver Dragon Academy students stronger in the beginning, unless someone else dies soon. Anthony's death might have a particularly strong effect on his best friend, partner, and co-sidekick, Anna Higgins. Watching Anna so far, her friend's death might send her over the edge. How will she take it? I can't wait to see.


That's all for now. Next time's Contestant spot-light will be in honor of the internet blogger shout outs from two "sucky" kids and another one featuring an awesome Latino. Can you guess who those three are? (comment!)

Also coming up will be RNN's individual review of scenes and episodes by location... I was gonna do the Awesome Cruise Ship scene, but I think one of my fellow blogger's have already covered it. So what better to start the Episode Segment Analysis than at the location that had the most air time so far? That's right it's the rain forest!

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  1. This was, indeed, an interesting scene. I quite liked Anthony, and was sorry to see him out so early. I will be quite interested in seeing what happens next, now that the group has fractured. Amber and Sterling are sure to have an interesting time ahead of them.