Thursday, June 2, 2011

Video Blog #1 by c0rnch1p

I'm rather proud to say we've received our first Video Blog, from the ever popular c0rnch1p, a great addition to the Survival of the Snarkiest team. A few of you have expressed concerns in emails that Survival of the Snarkiest doesn't have a video component, like certain other fan sites. Well, here is our answer.

In todays' video c0rnch1p takes a look at the death of Rishi Kohli and Isaac King in depth, giving his thoughts on the subject.

Expect more coverage, both video and analysis' soon!

- Comrade Snowball


  1. OMG Cornchip you are so CUTE I LOVE YOUR ACCENT.

    i'm totally thinking about a video blog about the most squee moments on the island maybe you guys i don't know yet

  2. Excellent analysis here. I have to agree entirely on your assessment of Vincent. Far too often, players become obsessed with the theatricality of their newfound roles. It almost invariably leads to their deaths. We will see if anyone manages to avoid that trap this season.

  3. C0rnch1p, I agree with Holly here, you are tottaly cute! Also, rocking beard dude!

    Also, your analysis was suprisingly in depth, a great anathema to all of te crappy Vlogs that populate Youtube!