Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On the Homefront...

Hey y'all. Your admin asked me (a native of Detroit) and another blogger (who lives near Bryant) to give you the hoe down on the situation with the teams at the two ground zeros. Wait, does that make sense? Fuck it, I'm on the internet where there is no sense. So, lets start with Detroit.!

First of all if you're planning to visit during this season DON'T wear white. God help you if they even see your socks on accident. Seriously, no virgins should get married here or it'll turn into a red wedding for sure. Fights were breaking out like, well, like SOTF-TV. Except not as deadly, or entertaining. Most of the time that is, but those guys went to jail. Honestly the teams have racked up more kills here then on the show.

The colors you will want to be seen in are: Blue (pissing off the Bloods), Brown, Grey, Orange (even with the mentor), Pink (remember, real men wear pink), Purple, Red (Pissing off the Crips), and Yellow. You're more likely to see those dressed in Grey, Orange, and Purple. More colors being flashed than a gay pride parade here on the streets and in the schools.

Speaking of schools Principal Johnson of DCH and his staff have been having a hell of a time controlling the students. The dress code has been discussed in many meetings School uniforms has been considered, but the school can't get the funding nor are the students willing. Seems like they have a project on their hands while the season plays. Lets hope that banning all SOTF-TV gear will work!

Now I turn things to my rednecked partner in crime, Texas Grrl!


Thanks HomeBoy, and please invest in a belt. It's nice to see your rooting for Team Pink, but, ew. You're no Shawn Morrison.

On topic it white as far as the eye can see here in Bryant, Texas. I'm not just talking about what they're wearing. Seriously, guys, I think Ferric, Mikaela, and Jeanette was all the color they had at this school. I thought I saw an asian girl, but it was just a weaboo. People here are weird.

Besides white you'll see 13, Black, Gold, and Green. Mostly white. So. Much. White. Anyways the fights aren't physical. My connections tell me that it mostly the passive stuff (stare downs, and all that passive shit). Hell, I got a picture of the cafeteria here (Photobucket.com/SDAcafe) that shows how segregated the school's become.

I can tell you now this (IM, obviously not H, O) will be one of the most interesting season of SOTF-TV. It's slow start will give way to the carnage we know and love!


  1. I must admit, I am rather surprised at the degree to which the team aspect has been proven a marketing success. The symbols were a touch of brilliance from a merchandising perspective. I imagine they will retain value even after the season ends.

  2. Scary how the people are killing others like gangs over this SOTF-Team Repping in Detroit. Wow.

    Hometowns are def supporting teams with more of their own, see Team White. Orange is an interesting situation concerning their mentor. I suppose Ferric Tam is the one Texas is rooting for in that team.