Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Comrade_Snowball's Game Recap #2 Stray Observations

Random Notes from the Island…

- - Sean Davidson is my predicted next out, given his actions on the Resort Beach. Zach is going to finish him, mark my words. A real pity to see him go down so soon.

- - Marvia Jones and Harold Smythe… It’s obvious that Marvia has more intellect then Harold at this point in time. Still, what could be keeping her around? What has stopped her from killing him? Keep an eye on this pair; I expect their alliance to fall apart- spectacularly.

- - Odile Jones, Odile Jones... Quite the little showgirl we’ve got on our hands! I personally hope for more scenes with her soon, especially if Tiffany is around. Her behaviour is quite erratic but quite entertaining.

- - I may have said Sean is my predicted next out, but another student looks set for the chopping block as well! Glen Bole may be out of a team-mate, and he might not be the smartest student out there, but it looks like he’s got Suzanne Lanford cornered, if he could just get around to finishing her off.

- - Might as well make it three, Bobby Goldman, as of this writing, has gotten into a tight spot with Karen Ruiz, the first killer this Season. He’s still going, but this fight can go either way. Best to check out the clips, it’s a real entertaining battle thus far! I’m hoping Bobby pulls through, at least for a bit longer. But his chances of getting off the Island alive have dwindled oh so low.

- - Holly Herchenroder may win points for her bandanna duplication, but how long can she expect Jack Lemmon to stay undercover? A better plan needs to crop up, or Jack is dead in the water. Will they take the 10 kills option? Definitely stay tuned on this one- the build up has been intense so far, and I'm expecting a big payoff when their plan falls apart.


  1. Interesting calls. By now, the Bobby thing has been resolved, and you have gotten your wish. I do not think Zach will endanger his reputation with the object of his desire by killing someone so quickly. We will see.

    I doubt that Marvia has much more intelligence than Harold. I believe she is acting on complete whim, and that is going to get her killed in very short order unless she shapes up. Similarly, Glen is a moron. He has a flair for the bad side of theatricality, what with the boulder push. Is he counting his shots? I am not so sure he even has ammunition left. I think we will die much sooner than most of the fansites are predicting.

    Finally, Holly is quite clever, but Jack is holding her back. Should he die, I think she will actually become a force to be reckoned with.

  2. At this point it is clear Harold is beyond psychotic.It's obvious shes keeping him around so she can kill him herself.

    The bookies in shitehill back up comrade snowballs observations.

    They also have 100/1 on Harold going after Holly next for abandoning him...assuming he survives current events

  3. I'm late to the party again as most of these have already been resolved.

    I too don't think Harold and Marvia's alliance is gonna work out well.