Sunday, May 8, 2011

The SotF Drinking Game! (Rules by SickKitty)

Hello lovelies! Okay, for those of you following me on Twitter, you know that I've been spending most of Day 1 completely and utterly drunk. Why? Because I've been developing the super secret ultra drinking game! This year we had a lot of good rules floating around, but I've narrowed it down to the absolute BEST ways to get as hammered as possible. Ready? Let's go!

(A note. Do NOT do all of these at one time, or else your liver will start to look like mine. And that's not a good thing darlings.)

Alright. Here be the rules!

1. Take a shot everytime someone changes clothes. Into an outfit, out of an outfit, doesn't matter. If clothes are coming off, shots are going down.

2. Take a shot everytime Zach Johnson gets overshadowed by the sexy godliness that is Shawn Morrison.

3. Take a shot everytime someone makes an absolutely awful pun. Announcers, mentors, and students are all fair game for this one, as are bloggers, Twitters, commentators- ANYONE MAKING A PUN WILL RESULT IN A SHOT.

4. Take a shot everytime someone from Detroit drops an n-bomb.

5. Take three shots everytime from Silver Dragon drops an n-bomb.


6. Everytime Shawn Morrison appears onscreen, the last person to yell DIRTY HIPPIE must take a shot.

7. Everytime Sidney Rice appears on screen, everyone must scream a month in consecutive order. (So the first time she appears, January, the second, February). The person who says December must down 4 shots.

8. Everytime someone speaks in a language other than English, pour a shot into the communal glass.

9. Everytime someone fires a gun and misses, pour a shot into the communal glass.

10. Everytime someone says something along the lines of "I never thought this would happen to me" or "I don't want to be here" pour two shots into the communal glass.

11. Everytime Ben Grayson switches bandanna's, pour a shot into the communal glass.

12. Everyone pick a team. If the first person to die was on the team you picked, you must down the entire communal glass. (Pick well dearies, this one'll hurt.)

13. Take a shot everytime someone kills someone else. If the person has killed more than one person, take a shot for every person they killed. (So if it's their fourth kill, four shots.)

14. And FINALLY, the last person to pass out must drink the rest of whatever you're drinking. Because otherwise you're no fun.

Righto! If you're still alive in the morning, you can start all over again! Have fun, and take lots of pills for those wicked hangovers! Till next time, this is SickKitty signing out!


  1. I'm not at all the type of girl who drools and gets all excited over the guys on this show. Usually I'm the chick, that loves it when the eye candy guys get killed, so those crazy fangirls just STFU already... but hey!

    Looks like I'm also jumpin' aboard the Shawn Bandwagon! I dunno what it is, but that DIRTY HIPPIE is unconventionally hot.

    Even my BF Nery would go gay for the guy. He has a word for it.

    OH and Here's another one! Take a shot whenever a contestant has a hilarious encounter with a wild animal. Another shot if the animal is the victor.

    Think Todd's monkey, and that pink goose that made off with Zach's food.

  2. ...I like you. Friends forever now kay?

  3. What if the STUDENT wins? A GLASS OF SNAKEBITE!

    In a related note Brian Eno for the winner of this V!

    Ps. Shipping Brawn (BrianxShawn) sooooooooooooooo hard tonight. I promise it has nothing to do with my blood alcohol levels being on par with Kitty's!

  4. This all sounds like a fantastic way to kill yourself. You could probably die on rule number three alone.

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  6. Nery here: Yeah - don't think I'd go as far as shipping the guy with a dead snake. Kinda... self explanatory, really.

    The word Rebecca was referring I used, is: Not Homosexual, not Bisexual, but ShawnMorrisexual.

    I'll go with Yellow on this one. *Straight edge* up in here.