Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 5]


There is a very long, but still exciting footage, spread out into several episodes already in a saga like form, entitled "Time to Pretend" that we'll break down in a later blog. There's just too much to say about that right now. Basically Gold Team is using the location of one merchandise shack on the beach as a base of operations, sending members of the team and other allies out on 'quests' with others staying in 'the castle' to keep watch. Recently they've been infiltrated by an attacking Panya Bishara, but with the help of Michael Clark, Gold's Alicia White and Mae St. Clair fought back.

Another Segment "We are the Dead" Showed Odile Jones brutally murder both Holly Herchenroder and Jack Lemmon. It was a particularly graphic and disturbing scene, with Odile looking like she was putting on a show for the viewers and enjoying every minute of it. She even stomped on the girl viciously at one point and the disposing of the bodies - wow.

Then there was also "Finders Keepers" where Vincent Sullivan clobbered fail contestant Glen Bole, taking his walkie talkies and then forming an alliance with Orange team mate, Tiffany Dexter. Tiffany plans to organize their team into an army and take down all opponents. That would have been interesting to see, too bad it was short lived.

Star of the Scene: Odile Jones gets the prize again. That was a bloody fantastic show. I also MUST give credit to fairy girl, Alicia White for making "Time to Pretend" seem like an epic fantasy world story. Fairies? Elves? Ogres? Healers? and my favorite... Sluagh. Her jargon is quite amusing!


Let's see Sean Davidson gets beaten up by Bobby Goldman, which was humorous and then Ferric Tam gets abandoned by his team mate Brennan, which was also quite humorous. Ferric's rant as Brennan walking off was also some great comic relief, what with the 'wah wah wah' sound effect they added in!

Currently "Foreshadowing/Hindsights" is the the episode located there. Jacob Langston, Madelyn Conner and Mikaela Warner are looking for runaway Marion Clayton, but give up on their search. They seemingly make plans for escape. I'm not sure if they can pull it off, but escapes are always exciting.

Star of the Scene: Not much has happened yet, so we'll hold off on this for now.


  1. Alicia seems quite insane. It is refreshing to see that manifest itself in a way that is not bloodthirsty insanity. She is definitely one to watch.

    The escape is absolutely doomed. If they have any sense, they will listen to Jared. Who knows better than he does how to survive? Well, a couple of our commentators aside, that is.

  2. Well, that escape plan might be doomed, but it would only take someone with good acting skills *Cough* Odile *Cough* to convince them that, say, they knew how to disable the collars...

    I think you can see where my thought pattern goes.

    And, of course Alicia's insane, bu in a really kooky way. Maybe someone will take advantage of that? Or maybe her inabillity to recognise herself as "Human" will make it easier to pull the trigger.

  3. I would be shocked if anyone could pull off that deception while still wearing a collar.

    Also, I will be surprised if anyone manipulates Alicia. Her condition is a little too specific and bizarre for anyone to be able to consistently push the right buttons. There are plenty of shapeshifting, deceptive fairies she could suddenly "figure out" someone actually is.

  4. Long time reader, first time poster. But is it just me or is Mae totally the HBIC this season? Seriously, girl is FIERCE.

    I need a .gif of that look on her face when Panya took off that bear costume. Bitch was having NONE of it.

  5. I actually had to look up your vernacular to figure out what you were attempting to say. Congratulations.

    That said, Mae has potential, but I will be shocked if she lasts any notable amount of time. The Gold Team is being whittled down, and she is spending a lot of her time around significantly more dangerous people. It will not take much to get her killed. I will also be shocked if Zach's insanity does not result in a schism of some sort in their little alliance.