Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 4]


The large group of April Stone, Jhamel Thompson, Jeanette Buendia, Eloise Winterburn and Brenda Hernandez settle on another beach. Jhamel breaks down upset which leads to an awkward group hug. He starts shooting to protect the group after Zachariah Johnston throws a wrench at his head. This momentarily scares the group, April Stone is particularly effected and wanders off the next day. Poor girl.

Star of the Scene: I'm really starting to love Jhamel Thompson. It seems underneath that gang persona the kid has a heart, but is still tough enough to protect the group he's in and shoot.


Well there was a sex scene which got interupted by Jared Clayton which was quite funny. Then someone dies, but Nery will talk about that later. It seems like Zachariah Johnson is everywhere as here he is again watching Amber Lyons swim naked. Then he follows her and Sterling Odair somewhere. This is truly setting up something or the editors wouldn't all of a sudden cut from naked swimming Amber with the majestic music to Zach hiding nearby and watching with creepy music playing.

After they left Vincent Sullivan showed up and read a book? Not sure what will happen with that.

Star of the Scene: Amber Lyons for being an inexplicable yet accidental camera whore! Sex scene, topless fighting, then naked swimming. Yesh. One for the guys I guess.


  1. Yet again, we have sex appeal for no reason. Typical. Do these kids just not care?

    Zach continues his kick of doing things certain to get him killed. The fact that he is still alive reflects pretty poorly on everyone he has encountered so far.

    Also, Jared is the best thing to happen to this season. At least we have a reminder of the good old days in him.

  2. To be fair, Zach had a gun pointed at his head. I doubt you'd be crisp and calm under that kind of pressure. Of course he could've avoided that pressure by, oh, I don't know, not approaching the wary group whilst soaked in blood? XD. The more I think about it, the more you seem to be right! Is that kid retarded?

    ... Oh, yeah.

    And, why the hell are you complaining about free SOTF pr0n? And hey, its not like last season with the Fanservice twins.

    Oh, and yeah, Loving Jared <3!

  3. Has it crossed your mind that some of us may find child pornography immoral, regardless of the source or acceptability? I simply wish to remind you that downloading such a thing devoid of context would earn you a visit to our lovely federal penitentiaries.

    Also, I have seen nothing in the contestant roster to suggest mental retardation on the part of Zach. To what are you referring?

  4. Maybe in USA but in Canada, where /I/ live, it's 16, so all of this is above board. Also, whats a little bit of child pr0n in comparison to the crime of possessing a snuff film?

    That reminds me of something thats been troubling me for a while, actually. How are the winners of SOTF dealt with legally? I mean, I dont pretend to know much about US laws, but wouldn't they be charged with many accounts of murder (Or even rape in the example of one season's winner)?

    Oh, and Zach suffers from Asbergus Syndrome, which, I believe falls on the autistic spectrum somewhere.

  5. You may want to review your own legal code:

    SOTF falls into a special subsection of the law, a sort of grey area. All activities are sanctioned. If the winners were charged, the producers would have to be. Similarly, it is not exactly a snuff film, more the equivalent of of a film of a battle during a war, akin to some of the wikileaks stuff from way back when.

    Also, mental retardation and Asperger (or even Autism) are two drastically different things. While Autism may overlap with retardation, high-functioning degrees, by their very definition as high-functioning, do not.

    In other words, he seems to just be pretty dumb.