Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN

Hello SOTF-TV fandom! It's been a while since we've blogged and I thought we'd bring you up to speed in case you missed a few things! I'll go through each location and recap the latest happens per location, per episode. This will be a non death recap, as the lovely, Nery will be handling those in the Quickfire Contestant Spotlights. So let's get it started right?


The ongoing episode is entitled "Peers" nice pun there. It starts with Cesar, Bobby and Brennan after leaving behind orange team mate Ferric Tam (what ever happened to that guy?) They form a new group together supposedly and want to go looking for a few of their friends. The Cruise Ship is a danger zone so as expected traffic happens at that pier. Michael Clark and Simon Porter show up, with Michael leaving right away. The announcements happen and Cesar is shocked to hear his little girl friend killed somebody! Then he masturbates for some reason, which I thought was funny, but Nery skipped past that part with our TiVo.

Anyway Odile, Cesar's girlfriend, shows up soon enough and starts pulling bull crap about being attacked. They are quick to believe, except Bobby whose Mentor -MarWIN himself- subtitled through the screen (neat how we the viewers can actually hear the audio clear on our TV's... then again it's MarWIN's voice) told him not to trust her. So he pulls a clever trick to harmlessly disarm Odile, by suggesting she give it to Cesar. It worked. Currently Brennan and Bobby are planning on abandoning the rest of the group. Good choice!

Star of the Scene: Odile Jones, the entertainer that she is. The mysterious entrance with the ominous music, then the cut to her acting scared and playing to the boys' emotions had me screaming "She's a manipulator you fools!"


Two Episodes were shown concurrently: "The King in Yellow" and "I Came to Play" well nothing much happened here. Just a bunch of teens making plans. I loved the effect that the editors used to show what happened BEFORE they got there. Then the realization as soon as the Announcements hit. Nery will talk about what happened in the contestant spotlights.

Star of the Scene: Bob Lazenby. Stay tuned for the contestant spotlight.


  1. This is an excellent and insightful recap of the action thus far. I sincerely hope that season 65 continues at its current pace and quality, or even improves. We have a very good roster, and an interesting environment.

    I am curious as to whether Odile will be able to maintain her façade in the face of the new announcement. Being allied with Cesat may become very dangerous, as Purple is now the team to get.

  2. Oh, also, screw the producers for bastardizing the Chambers Mythos into a totally random episode title. I swear, I am the only one who reads things before appropriating them for names.