Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 2]


A lot happened here... Let's see where we should start. Devonte, Marcus and Skye have some nice buddy time here. Cute almost.

Several fights. Vincent Sullivan vs Madelyn Conner, where they bruised each other pretty bad, but Vincent gained a paddle from it. Marvia Jones vs a personal favorite in Karen Ruiz, where Karen gained more fire power and finally Zachariah Johnston vs Marion Clayton where Marion gained a melted face. I still shudder from that one.

Currently a group made of mostly Green team and Sidney Rice are slumbering in the episode "Shun the Non-Believer." It's only a matter of time before something horrible happens there! Otherwise why would the producers title it like that? I'm sure of it.

Also currently ongoing are meetings between Michael Marshall and cute Nate Chauncy and another involving Marcus Walker and two of blue! Anna Higgins and Axel Stadler.

Star of the Scene: Anna Higgins. "Marky Mark!" Hahaha, the delivery of that line was great.


The ongoing episode is "Metanoia" where the sexy - I mean, dirty hippie, Shawn Morrison and his fellow wing man Ben-o Grayson (love it!) start searching for people and useful stuff in the Hotel. Ben is still pretending to be Gold with Shawn, while Shawn seems upset about something from the announcements. His friend died or something? Anyway he remedies this by - how else? Smoking Pot of course! In typical Shawn fashion, when his mentor Drake starts giving him advice Shawn freaks out and thinks a snake it talking to him. Love the humorous music they played softly in the background for that part.

Then something -shocking- happens, but that would be spoiling what Nery will cover in the Contestant Spotlight. We'll have to wait and see what happens to the duo of sexy hipster Shawn and the adorable Ben-O, thanks to that cliff hanger they gave us.

Star of the Scene: I'd like to give both members of this duo the spotlight, but Shawn Morrison getting high and doing *something else* earns him the credit here.


  1. I seem to be the only one on the net without Zach fever. Quite frankly, he has three kills on the fucking terminally idiotic. I cannot recall another contestant doing so little for their kills in at least twelve seasons. What was Marion even thinking? Also, the gloating is starting to wear a little thin. He is going to be shot in the face by one of the people who know what they are actually doing.

    Ben, at least, is finally displaying some competence. Too bad his team has been absolutely wasted. Maybe he will be able to tag along with Shawn and ride this out until near the end. Given the recent luck of Team Gold, though, it may behoove him to switch affiliations soon.

  2. "Also, the gloating is starting to wear a little thin."

    Man, agreed. He's like some little kid trying to pretend he's the big bad player than anything else. Of course, pretty much everyone bar Karen this season seems to be a complete moron, so the chances of him being shot in the face is fairly low. XD

  3. That is indeed true. I fear that watching so much SOTF has damaged the natural reactions of these new batches of contestants. They are all so savvy when it comes to the show that they simply adopt roles rather than doing what comes naturally. If this continues, we may even see the end of the show someday.

    While the team element has provided a bit of a change, it still does not seem quite enough. What really needs to happen is, say, taking people from somewhere where they do not watch SOTF. Perhaps the Blue Team Mentor has a point after all, though her country would be sub-optimal. Nobody wants to read subs for an entire season.