Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 6]


In "Whatcha Gonna Do" the team of Renee Carlson, Timothy Walker, Kathy Clements and Peter Campbell, meet up with Terrilynn Boden. They search around and not much happens until Timothy Walker starts trying to feel up Kathy Clements. Kathy does not like that and pushes him away. Tim gets more than upset at this and snaps at her, pointing his gun at her after being denied. Renee and Lynn were seen walking down to see what the commotion is all about. There is action to come soon!

Star of the Scene: Timothy adds something to what would otherwise be a super friendly group. He brings about some danger and conflict that is always nice to see in the show. His snap after being denied put me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait to see what he does next!


Devonte Washington, Marcus Walker and Skye Thsani have a grand old time, until an accidental shot from Skye's crossbow causes a major conflict. Marcus is fueled in rage after Devonte is hit and chases after Skye.

In another part of the forest, the next day, Mason Ross becomes the first person to be face to face with Karen Ruiz and lives. She doesn't even attack him and she eeriely gives her reasons on why she killed. "The Teams are Fake." What if she's right?

Star of the Scene: Devonte Washington is quite the charming one, even as he bleeds he wants to go out all cool and not like some kind of chump. Sharp tongue on that boy.


  1. Timothy was definitely an interesting one. Given how things turned out, I doubt he is long for the island, but he may be interesting before he dies. Definitely a solid villain sort.

    Devonte was great. It is truly too bad to see him out this early, especially on something as silly as a stray shot. All these seasons in, and the contestants still do not know how to avoid accidentally shooting each other.

    RE: The teams being fake: it is possible, but I doubt it. Maybe after a few seasons of teams, but if they mess up the gimmick this early, they will not be able to use it again. Everyone will just do what Karen is doing. Still, we now know why she shot at the other members of Purple Team. Jared must be thrilled.

    On that note, whatever happened to the "Worst Teammate" poll? I was looking forward to the results of that one.

  2. Oh man, I don't think you were supposed to spoil it! (The Washington kid is what I'm talking about here. Death recaps in another post and all that, ya know? Probably common knowledge now, though, what with the media saturation.)

    The teams being fake would definitely throw some loops into the equation, I gotta say, but I get the feeling that fake or not, the Ruiz kid's pretty paranoid. I reckon her chances would've been better had she just stayed away from her team - they've racked up a couple kills already, what with the Becker kid. Ya know, letting them do the killing so she wouldn't have to as much later, regardless of team fakeness or not.

    My bet's still on her eventually managing to off one of them Purples, though.

  3. It will certainly be interesting if she does. I imagine she is something of a challenge for Jared. He lucked out on the team draw, though. Purple is going stronger than anyone, with no signs of slowing down.