Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quickfire Recap (By Location!) by RNN [Part 7]


So I was going to do a run through on everything that happened in this location, but then I went on vacation. Well, I'll quickly recap the most recent stuff as I'm sure most of you already watched the early stuff.

Suzanne Lanford gets robbed by Glen Bole as they both shout out to the blogs. Glen actually succeeded in doing something!

At one point a fight broke out between Zachariah Johnston (Yes him again) and Harold Finston Smythe. They talked crapped against each other while Mae St. Clair watched as Zach brutally killed Harold, from apparently a kick to the groin - which I might add is hilarious. Then Shawn Morrison appears causing Zach to run away in what I can only assume is embarrassment after a *ShawnMorrgasm.

Another attractive guy was also in the rain forest. Mr. Leopold Sutherland walked around shirtless in the jungle. Oh and that was basically the WHOLE Segment. Just walking around shirtless in the jungle. Wonderful.

As we've seen before, Todd Hudson has had bad luck. He was robbed by a monkey of his bandanna and now his clothes! He met up, naked, with another bad luck magnet in Sean Davidson. Then they both run away after Axel Stadler and Anna Higgins from Blue show up and then team up.

Sean runs into Jaszmine Johnson eventually, who for the first time Sean doesn't get into a bad situation with. They eventually part ways, where Jaszmine ends up having the worse luck of the two. Is Sean's bad luck, contagious?

Finally the normally upbeat Mason Ross sings "Lion Sleeps Tonight" for us and then switches into what looks like depression when his partner Kevin Fielding's neck inexplicably blows up for no reason. I'm still trying to figure out what could have caused that. He had his bandanna on, so it couldn't have been that. Whatever the case, poor Mason. Love the boy and his talking to the camera ways.

Star of the Scene: Todd Hudson and his exploits in the rain forest will forever be remembered. He is truly King of the Jungle.


A favorite scene for Nery "If You Can't Stand the Heat" features two comedy characters that are great to see, both of which had been beaten up by Vincent Sullivan and had their noses broken, one worse than the other. They team up in what Nery describes as the greatest alliance in all of SOTF-TV Season 65. They are entertainment gold apparently and together even better.

The scene starts off awkward with both boys meeting up sweaty and shirtless, with Glen Bole attempting to be sexy for the cameras and the smaller Jonas Jeffries stripping to reveal his child like body due to the obvious heat. The mentor speaks and tells them that they are being called 'the gay team' which Jonas and his broken nose takes in quietly and backs away slowly from Glen as a response. Glen on the other hand who is pissed off and starts ranting THEN...

For some weird reason Todd Hudson comes running in naked and jumps into the crater! He screams on his way down and the two boys on Pink team give loud screams of their own. It was a tremendous WTF?! Moment!

Star of the Scene: This is an All Star Cast! The three of them are great comic relief!


  1. Did you watch the same fight as I did? Zach was the one who got kicked in the groin. Harold died from injuries caused by a huge ass rock in the chest and a severe beating with a spanner!

  2. I was quoting the transcripts from the announcements, where it was actually said Zach killed Harold with a "kick to the groin!"... and yes I know Zach got hit in the crotch, but so did Harold, with Zach's wrench.

  3. How many times have people hit Zach in the nards? I feel like I should be keeping a tally.

    Anyways, I loved the whole Glen/Jonas scene, as they were all sitting there pretending to be hard and I just could not stop laughing. Also, Todd taking shrooms and dying by Volcano (Well, it was going to happen to /someone/ along the line, wasn't it) was completely surreal!

    This season is a mix between completely insane people (Zach, Harold, Maybe Karen and Vincent), Fanservices (No, not going to list them) and comic relief (Todd, Bole, Jonas, Rice, the list goes on!)

    I love it!

  4. Well, given the damage Zach has sustained, we at least can rest assured that, whether he survives or no, a little less sociopathy will enter the gene pool (and before you jump don my throat over this, yes, I do realize eugenics is not a valid science. It is a joke. Get over yourselves).

    I am glad to see Todd out. There is only so far terminal stupidity can carry you, and he far exceeded the reasonable limits. It makes me wonder why the producers even bother with the weapons and the motivation. Given enough time, it seems plenty of these people would simply find ways to do themselves in.

    This season is shaping up to be interesting. We are somewhat lacking in major players, which may lead to it running rather long, especially since the leaders will either get killed or get freed before too long.